Have you also noticed the new Instagram feature? We’ll get to these details.

How to use

Instagram Stories: A simple guide for marketing managers.

On Tuesday, we were introduced to the new initiative from Instagram, namely Instagram’s response to snapchat called Instagram Stories. The new feature bears notable similarities to Snapchat.

Instgram ‘stories’ gives users a place to share small picks a little more often than usual, While instagram photos are often the ‘perfect’ image, Instagram stories give you the opportunity to share small moments that don’t have to be perfect.

Instgram’s new feature is being launched as a solution to the ‘overposting’ that is going on. These stories live in their own universe, ensuring that the user can upload new stories as often as they like, without having to worry about whether they fill the friends’/consequences news feed. Likewise, it does not need to fill your profile, which some care very much about must appear very stylish.

How do you create these stories? What does this mean for your instagram strategy? We try to answer your questions in this post – in fact, we have you covered well so you can be completely calm.

How do you publish a story on Instagram?

Ready to get started? We’ll take you through the basic steps to create your first Instagram Story, and unveil a few cool features along the way. Follow along.

1) Tap the plus sign in the upper-left corner of the screen to get started.

2) Take your picture by pressing the round button, or record a video by pressing it down for up to 10 seconds.

The ‘Lightning’ icon allows you to activate the flash, typically as you know it from your smartphone. The two arrows give you the option to switch between the front camera and the normal camera on the back, this is again as you know it from ordinary smartphones.

Want to upload something from your camera roll? You can easily do that. Simply ‘swipe’ down to select the image or video you want.

3) Select one of the three types of writing tools at the top of the image; add an emoji from your key turn, or swipe right to select a filter.

Pro Tip: While at first glance it may seem like you’re limited by the colors at the bottom, that’s not the case, To open the advanced color settings, simply hold your finger on one of the colors and drag this screen below up.

4) When you’re done, tap the check mark to share.

Your story will appear here, at the top of your friends’ news feed. It will also be visible on your profile by printing your profile picture.

Once your new story is posted, you can easily save your picture/video, this is done simple by opening it, and then tapping the three dots at the bottom right, and then selecting “Save picture”

6) Explore who’s watching your Instagram Story. Just swipe up when you see the picture or videon.

If you find that your story is shown to users who you don’t think should be able to see it, you can tap “X” next to their name to block them from future stories.

Do you want your movies and videos to remain private? You can change this in your personal settings by going to your profile and selecting settings in the right corner. From there, you can choose to hide your story from specific users, and also limit who can respond to your messages.

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