Instagram stories are a new way to connect with your friends and followers. Initial, there was just a post option where you could share your pictures and videos, but this made profiles overwhelming. So over posting was an issue, but because of Instagram stories not anymore.

But using post option, you can upload perfect pictures of yours, but with Instagram stories, you can share your little imperfect moments with your friends and followers. This feature is inspired by the Snap chat stories feature. Instagram stories are a different world. Users can upload their videos and pictures whenever they want. There are no limitations to how much you can post in a day. These stories will not fill your profile or your friend’s newsfeed. You can buy Instagram story views to attract more users, and it will be effective in promoting your brand. You can also buy IGTV likes and buy IGTV views if you want. 

So with Instagram stories, you can connect will your followers in a stylish way. But how they are beneficial for you and how can you create them, here we will give you answers to these questions:

How to create an Instagram story?

You don’t know how to create an Instagram story; you are in the right place. Here some basic steps you can follow to create your first amazing Instagram story:

Take a picture or record a video.

For getting started, click the plus icon on the top left corner to get started. The lightning icon is for activating the flash. Two arrows are or choosing front or back camera. Now press the round button to take a picture or keep it pressed for 10 seconds to record a video. You can also upload pictures or videos from your phone storage. 

Texts, filters, and emojis

You can write in your story by using three different writing tools. You can choose different colors for the text you wrote. By swiping right, you can also add different filters to your Instagram story. From your key turn, you can also add cool emojis. 

 Share your story

After you are done, click on the share mark and let your followers see your story. Your followers and friends can see your story on top of their newsfeed. It will also appear on your profile with your profile image printed on the icon. After uploading the story, you can download it. You can also share your live transmission with your followers.

Keep an eye on your story viewers.

You can check who has seen your story. If you don’t want someone to watch a story, you can block them by taping “X.” if you want to keep your story private, you can change this in your profile setting.

More people watch your story more beneficial it will be for your brand. So if you Purchasing Instagram story views, it will also help you in reaching more people and promoting your brand. So use the Instagram story feature for your benefit, and you will see positive results.